Haulin’ It With ColourPop

colourpop haul lippie stix ultra matte lip super shock eyeshadow blush

Sooooooooo after saying about a million and one times that I really wanted to order from ColourPop, I finally bit the bullet. I kept postponing for a few reasons. Shipping to Canada is a wee bit pricey. There is so. much. choice. I’ve seen people received broken eyeshadows, and I was worried they would all … Tell me more!

Mary Kay Velvet Lip Crèmes

I have to say, Mary Kay is great with their seasonal releases. There’s always something new and exciting and I love it! One of their Fall releases had me very excited; the limited edition Velvet Lip Crèmes in Berry Stylish, Naturally Chic and Oh So Currant ($18.00) are perfect for Fall. Like the Cityscape collection … Tell me more!

mark. First Blush Face Compact

mark. First Blush Perfect Flush Powder

Though this product was released this Spring and was a limited-edition release (and therefor no longer available), I still wanted to review it. The mark. First Blush Perfect Flush Powder is a really love, tri-coloured blush that I can see would be absolutely perfect for Spring and Summer. I really struggle with limited edition shades. There … Tell me more!