#banthebead with LUSH

lush ban the bead natural exfoliant alternatives

Friends, let’s get serious. It’s time to talk about microbeads and the plan to stop using them. With LUSH’s #banthebead campaign, they raise awareness to the fact that plastic never really goes away and shows that there are other, more natural options to get your scrub on. Most of the plastic that has ever been produced … Tell me more!

Beauty Mail: Acquired in June

uk beauty haul pretty makeup shopping

Total shout out to Chelle (Makeup Your Mind) for giving me this idea. Every month she shares the products she’s bought (or been given by friends/family) and I have always found it so interesting to see what she’s picked up! It also gives a subtle sneak peek into what might be showing up on her … Tell me more!

June Favourites

monthly favourites beauty makeup june 2015

I always feel bad when I miss doing my monthly favourites, but the months seem to run right by me! I (somehow) managed to get my act together in time for this month’s favourites, though, so I’m totally high fiving myself for that. The other awesome part of this is that I didn’t have to … Tell me more!