Etude House Haul


A few weeks back, Jenn shared that Etude House had free shipping. I’ve always loved the look of their products, but never tried any. Everything is just so adorable and affordable! I bet you can see where this is going… I always feel a little bit weird sharing haul posts, but after a quick Twitter … Tell me more!

Road Trip Beauty Essentials

road trip beauty essentials makeup packing

As you read this post, I will be part way through my drive to Florida! Actually, if my math is correct, we will be 19 hours into our drive, probably driving through South Carolina! Isn’t that crazy? I can’t believe we’re doing this road trip to Florida. I always like to come up with content … Tell me more!

Estée Lauder 3 Minute Beauty: XO Spots

Estée Lauder 3 Minute Beauty XO Spots beauty review tutorial

Ah, the fabulous Estée Lauder. She firmly believed that 3 minutes was all beauty should take. On the Estée Lauder website, there are a few great 3 Minute Beauty mini tutorials, and I’m going to be sharing one of them with you today! I’m a big fan of quick beauty tricks to help take makeup to … Tell me more!

Quo Dynamic Duo Mascara

Quo Dynamic Duo Mascara review

Available for a limited time this Spring is the Quo Dynamic Duo Mascara ($14) which is intended to lengthen and curl lashes. The mascara comes with a built-in comb (hence the ‘duo’ part of it). I’m assuming the comb is to reduce clumping, but maybe I’ve completely missed the point. I usually curl my lashes, but … Tell me more!